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Applying to prominent companies and organisations can be an overwhelming experience. We understand how complex the application process can seem and with countless organisations with different cultures and application processes, how do you apply to each one?

Graduates learn essential technical and soft skills from experienced mentors who have been through the process before and have worked at the most prominent companies and organisations.

You will be connected to a support team, with a personalised job application roadmap to reflect your unique skills, personality, goals, and interests. We will be with you this entire graduate journey.

We believe every graduate should feel confident that they’re putting their best foot forward to their dream jobs.

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Career strategy roadmap

Customised career plan prepared just for you, designed to meet all your career goals.

Personalised guidance and support

Get a personalised job-hunting plan from a seasoned professional with tons of experience.

Soft skills development

Get personal advice on areas of personal soft skill improvement. Whether its social, leadership or communication.

Technical skills development

Personalised advise on areas for technical improvement. We will help to identify new technical opportunities to improve your profile.

Popular industry knowledge

Learn current popular industry knowledge, techniques and skills. Gain insight to the current IT industry.

Commercial project

Gain real-world experience by working on a real commercial project that will go live. Have your name in the credits.

Customised CV support

Take your CV to the next level, customised support with brainstorming, planning, editing and reviewing.

Customised profile

Get help to customize your personal profile, whether its LinkedIn, your cover letter or a video profile.

Application guidance

Our experts will guide you through every step of your job application.

Interview preparation

Have mock interviews with experienced professionals with summarized common interview questions and improve your technique.

Job referrals and recommendations

Be part of our graduate database to get referred to active HRs and prominent organisations.

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